iPhone XR Data




REPAIR TIME 60 minutes

Pay attention! This is a repair that lasts longer than 30 minutes

Transfer iPhone X data

Transferring data from your old iPhone is a lot of work for most people. Transferring data via iCloud is very easy, but transferring data to your new iPhone X is not easy for everyone. At HomyPhone we are happy to help you transfer iPhone X data! Transferring data and transferring all your contacts do our Apple specialists very quickly for you. So you have all your photos, apps, appointments and phone data ready to use on your new iPhone.

Why do you want to transfer your data to HomyPhone?

Normally you can transfer data to your iPhone via iCloud or iTunes. Restore the iTunes backup or restore the iCloud backup and your apps and data are immediately available on your new iPhone X. Yet this is not always said, done that way. In the situations below, you can let HomyPhone help you transfer your iPhone data.

– Your display is broken so you can not enter the code. Because of this you will not get your data off. We temporarily mount a display so that you can get your important data off. 
– You get headaches with words like backup and iTunes 
– You want to transfer the data from an Android to an iPhone or vice versa 
– You want to transfer photos or other data to a USB stick.

Schedule your appointment for iPhone X data transfer

At HomyPhone you easily plan an appointment online. This will immediately help you in a HomyPhone store. Our Apple specialists transfer the data from your old to your new iPhone X. Depending on the amount of data, you will be back outside within 30 minutes with your new iPhone X that is equipped with all your old data. With the help of HomyPhone , your new iPhone X is so ready for use.


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