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REPAIR TIME30 minutes

Replace iPhone X on-off button with HomyPhone

Will you no longer be able to get into your iPhone X because the on-off button does not work anymore? Then we are the party of HomyPhone for you in an iPhone repair! We will replace or repair the on-off button of your iPhone X within half an hour, so that you are fully accessible again afterwards. Before you know you are already outside our store in Amsterdam, Katwijk aan zee with a fully working iPhone X!

Replace iPhone X on-off button in HomyPhone style

It sometimes happens that the on-off button of your iPhone X does not work anymore. Of course this is huge bales, nobody can reach you and you will just expect an important phone call. We also know how annoying that is, that is why, in addition to the fast service, we also provide good service of the highest quality. We only have original parts for your iPhone X including the on-off button.Because of this you do not have to be afraid in the future that you will run into the same problem again. On top of this service we also give you 3 months warranty on the placed part. Say it yourself, now your day can not go wrong anymore? Book your appointment online quickly, or visit one of our stores in Amsterdam, Katwijk aan zee Do you want to know when your on-off button of your iPhone X needs to be replaced? Read on below!

When should your on-off button be replaced?

Especially for you we have put the different points on a list, so you know when your iPhone X on-off button needs to be replaced. See the following points below.– The on-off button is no longer clickable 
– The lock button does not respond when you click it 
– The on-off button automatically lurks the screen

Do you recognize one of these problems or are you afraid that you will soon be bothered by this?Get in touch with us quickly and together we make sure that you are off the problems in no time!

Our extra service for you!

We at HomyPhone just go further in the field of service for our customers. So you can easily see what the repair rates will be of your iPhone X on-off button replaced. We think transparency is extremely important, so we will always ensure that the prices are transparent to us and you do not end up with unpleasant surprises afterwards. Another piece of extra service is our Get & Call service in Amsterdam, katwijk aan zee at a repair appointment. Here we pick up your iPhone X and repair it without you having to be there. Ideal if you are prevented or too busy to stop by. After the quick repair we bring the iPhone X back to the rightful owner, so you. So you never have to leave the door for an iPhone X on-off button to be replaced!

HomyPhone for all your smartphone and tablet repairs

A choice for HomyPhone is a choice for quality. We do not like that you have lost your phone for days, so we carry out almost all repairs within 30 minutes. For example, to replace volume buttons, the home button or other iPhone repairs. For prices and repairs, look at the page of the iPhone model you have or the general terms and conditions. You are also right with us for water damage treatment! You can contact HomyPhone for repairs of Samsung Galaxy a5, Samsung Galaxy S7 or various Xperia repairs, such as the Sony Xperia z5. We hope to see you soon in our HomyPhone stores in 
Amsterdam , katwijk aan zee !


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