One Plus 5T

Select a repair type Software reset $25.00 Add to cart Update $15.00 Add to cart iPhone XR Data $25.00 Add to cart Diagnosis $0.00 Add to cart Soldering $350.00 Add to cart On-off button Repair $75.00 Add to cart Camera Repair $125.00 Add to cart Selfie Camera $100.00 Add to cart Water Damage Cleaning $75.00 Add to cart iPhone XR Battery $75.00 Add to cart Fast OnePlus 5T repairHaving your OnePlus 5T repaired is a task that must be done quickly and accurately. Of course you do not want to sit without OnePlus smartphone. At HomyPhone we are ready for the most common OnePlus 5T repairs within 30 minutes. What should you think about then? A OnePlus screen repair, connector repair or repairing water damage.HomyPhone has offices in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht where you can go for the fastest OnePlus 5T repairs. Thanks to our on-site repairs, your OnePlus 5T has been repaired within half an hour, ready while you wait!Have your OnePlus 5T repaired by us? Our specialists help you quickly. You can schedule your screen repair or diagnosis appointment online. Because of this you are immediately on the turn and you do not have to wait in the store of your choice. Planning an appointment for OnePlus repairs is very easy. You can also visit without an appointment, but it may happen that you have to wait a while before your OnePlus phone is next. We therefore recommend that you always schedule an appointment at one of our stores in Amsterdam, Haarlem or Utrecht.We repair your OnePlus model quickly, yet you do not have to pay the main price for a smartphone repair. Make an appointment online, you can immediately see what the costs are for your repair. Do you have no idea what is wrong with your OnePlus model? Then choose the diagnostics option, our OnePlus repair specialists will see what is going on with your OnePlus Five. We always let you know what is not working properly and what we have done here.You can contact HomyPhone for the following OnePlus repairs next to the OnePlus 5T repair:OnePlus Five repairOnePlus Three repairOnePlus Two repairOnePlus One repairOnePlus X repairAlways provided with new partsHow do we ensure the best quality OnePlus 5T repair? We do this by always using original parts. Only in this way can we assure you of the best possible repair at the most advantageous rate. We give 3 months warranty on all repairs, because we know that we deliver quality!Choose convenienceNo time to come by or do the times online not come from you? Then we have the Haal & Breng service especially for you in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht. Schedule an appointment online. We will get your OnePlus Five at home or in the office. Our repair specialists make your OnePlus smartphone fast and professional. After the OnePlus repair we bring your smartphone back to you.Repair at HomyPhone At HomyPhone you have not lost your OnePlus Five for weeks. We carry out most repairs for the OnePlus X, OnePlus One, OnePlus Two, OnePlus Three and OnePlus Five within half an hour. You can also contact us for an iPhone repair, Huawei repair, Samsung repair, LG repair, iPad repair, Motorola repair and Sony repair. You can also contact us for your Apple tablet repair! From replacing a battery to making a diagnosis, with us a repair of your OnePlus 5T smartphone repair is often done while you wait. Plan your OnePlus repair appointment now and have your OnePlus phone repaired! See you at one of our stores in Amsterdam , katwijk aan zee ! Repatriates 4 $90.00 My Repatriates GET & BRING SERVICE No time? Make use of our Get & Bring service! Original parts with 3 months warranty The best repairs for the best price 30 minutes service Get & Bring service
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